Finding A Efficient AC Unit

The heat during the summer seasons, apart from making your room uncomfortable, also causes you to sweat a lot due to humidity. You can install an air conditioner to get over this dilemma. However, you might face confusion when you search for these gadgets as they are available in different model as well as in indifferent tonnages. This article will try to help you explain the details of some of the most common types of air conditioners, and how you can use them to chill down the air inside your Orange County property.

Energy guzzlers

Air conditioners are energy guzzlers and will consume even more energy if you select one having a smaller tonnage required for your room. Your best option is to seek the help of a professional to determine the size of the air conditioner that best meets your need. If you have a mall room, then look no further than a window air conditioner. They are fitted on your window’s frame and provide you with cool weather during the summer season. Mot such model are manually controlled, although remote controlled version is available too. They are available in different tonnages. The higher the tonnage, the more power the gadget will consume. At the same time, air conditioners with higher tonnage can chill the air inside a large room. As before the technician is your best friend and will determine the tonnage of the air conditioner that can cool down the air of your Orange County home to a comfortable level. By the way, all air conditioners function as dehumidifiers as well. This means that they will suck in moisture from the room they are installed in, ensuring that people inside the room do not perspire.

Split air conditioners

These models are ideal for cooling large rooms. You can also cool multiple rooms if you opt for the multi-split model. These gadgets consist of two parts… the blower and the compressor. The blower is fixed in the wall of your room, and the compressor is placed outside in such a way so that direct sunlight does not fall on it and there is enough space around it. The blower and the compressor are connected to each other via a special tubing. The principle is the same as that of the window model. However, the greatest advantage the split units provide is the ease with which you can clean them. All such units ship with a remote control that allow you to set the temperature set the oscillation of the flaps, as well as program the air conditioning unit to turn on and off at the time of your choice. This means you can set it to switch on a couple of minutes before you return to your Orange County abode and get refreshed by the chilled air the moment you enter your room.

Points to ponder

It makes sense to purchase air conditioning units manufactured by a reputable company. Check for the warranty too, as some manufacturers offer more warranty than the other. Check for the star rating, as this determines the amount of energy the device will consume. 5-star air conditioners consume the least power. If you want to save even more energy and are prepared to shell out a hefty sum, consider purchasing a split inverter air conditioner.