Buying A New Air Conditioner Guide

Buying a new air conditioning unit can be a daunting experience. It is often not clear what to search for where there are many different options available. So how can one make this process simpler?

The aim is not only selecting the correct AC unit for you and your residence or business setting but also understanding how to keep the AC with proper maintenance and keep your system operative, to save your investment you made on purchasing your air conditioner.

To buy it the right way, you should understand what to search for before you select a new AC system and the process to maintain your AC after you have installed it.

Before You Purchase The New Air Conditioner

You will come across many different brands of AC, each offering different features, technology, and working specification. It is common to get confused with so many choices for air conditioning units available in the market.

So how to purchase the right AC with the seemingly endless options? What should you look for in an Air conditioner?

Before you make the investment and purchase the air conditioner, you should consider a few parameters.

You Will Find More Versatility With The High-Efficiency Models

Air conditioners having a high Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating have more compatibility with the new technologies, such as the functional WiFi thermostat and zoning feature. You will find these ACs work with more advanced features such as voice search compatibility and solar adaptation. The newer models are also quieter as oppose to the conventional air conditioners.

Selecting the AC system that provides excellent cooling, while ensuring energy efficient power consumption will bring down your electricity bills and is a good investment that would pay off by itself with the savings it offers.

Check The Duct System

Before you make the purchase, carefully inspect your duct system The age and design of the duct is crucial for you to understand.


Because your AC unit will function best if it is compatible with the latest duct units and vents, old structured vents that are also known as grillers have rigid, and fixed fins, however, it is better to replace them with movable fins that you can control to adjust the direction and the air flow.

While You’re Purchasing Your New AC

Once you’ve selected a model and are in the buying phase process, there are a few details you can look into to make sure you ac functions to full capacity and you are getting the maximum out of your investment.

Firstly, you can change your filtration or purification system with the newer systems as it will enhance the indoor air quality. Secondly, you can select HVAC appliance with a higher SEER ranking, which will bring you savings mainly because of the efficiency-based rebates.

When you select a model having a higher SEER rating and replace the old models with the lower SEER rating, you will witness significant savings on your electricity bills. Presently, 26 SEER is the maximum rating available, whereas 15 years back, 18 SEER was the highest range.

After You Purchased Your New AC Unit

Your new AC unit is properly working and giving the best result. So how can you make sure the performance stays the same?

Regular maintenance of your AC is the best thing you can do to save your investment and avoid the need for any future costly repairs. If you schedule the service and maintenance of your air conditioner, it will remain functional for years to come.

With Ronald House OC’s Heating and Air Conditioning services, your first maintenance service is free of cost when you buy the brand new comfort unit that includes the furnace system and the air conditioner. If you enroll in the residential maintenance plan, it will keep you regular with your air conditioner maintenance. Holding HVAC maintenance contracts will make you eligible to receive discounts to save money when you call for AC maintenance services.